Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Price Guide 2015


Please note: 
These are the prices for very basic, frosting only decorated cakes. Additional embellishments will increase the price accordingly.


(Two layers, one filling with buttercream frosting)

6" (serves 8-10) $30
8" (serves 12-15) $40
10" (serves 25-30) $60
12" (serves 38-40) $80

(Two layers, one filling with chocolate ganache or buttercream beneath fondant)

6" (serves 8-10) $40
8" (serves 12-15) $60
10" (serves 25-30) $80 
12" (serves 38-40) $100


(Single-layer, no filling with buttercream frosting)

9" x 13" (serves 18-20) $30
12" x 18" (serves 35-40) $45


Queen Anne's Lace Wedding Cakes are made from scratch of two-layers, each sliced and filled, with a filling between each layer.

Most couples choose silky-smooth Swiss Meringue Buttercream as their frosting. 

Other popular buttercream frostings are American, French and Italian Meringue. 

I also highly recommend Chocolate Ganache, which makes a delicious base for Fondant-covered cakes.

Prices available upon request.

Menu Guide: Traditional Cakes

Queen Anne's Lace Cakes

Traditional Cakes

Back to Basics
The popular 1-2-3 cake recipe your own grandmother may have used, is just as simple and delicious as ever. Topped and filled with your basic American buttercream, it is a perennial favorite.

Perfect Pound
Firm, tart and not TOO sweet, this cake matches the personality of my own grandmother who made it so expertly. It tastes wonderful simply sprinkled with powdered sugar or whipped cream but is especially tangy with a lemon buttercream. Add a spot of tea and life is good.

It’s Bean a Real Slice
A moist vanilla cake with tiny fragrant flecks of pure vanilla bean mixed into the frosting. Filled with chocolate hazelnut spread, this cake smells as delicious as it looks.

Dive into Decadence
Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Nothing lifts the spirits quite like it, and this will have you floating in bliss.  Whipped chocolate ganache is sandwiched between layers of fudge cake, with milk chocolate frosting slathered on top, made with creme fraiche and seasoned with a bit of salt to offset the richness. If you really want to indulge, chocolate petals can be sprinkled on top.

Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice
Just like my darling daughter, this cake is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy.  A warmly flavored cake made with her favorite chai tea, this delicacy is filled and frosted with an exotic chai ganache. 

A recipe added to celebrate my husband's wonderful Italian family heritage. This zesty olive oil cake is layered with apricot filling and covered with a fluffy Italian meringue. (Sorry, garlic not included.)

Some Like it Hot
If you are among those who do, you will love this Mexican chocolate cake with a kick. The cinnamon spiced ganache frosting will warm your heart, melt in your mouth and leave your tongue tingling.

Make Mine a Mocha
A take on Tiramisu, this chocolate mocha cake is doused with coffee liqueur, filled with a flavored mascarpone filling,  frosted in cappuccino buttercream and sprinkled with cocoa.

Compassion Cake
A double chocolate delight cake filled with raspberries and frosted with a light raspberry topping, using only organic vegan ingredients.

Orange-You-Glad It’s Gluten-Free?
A flour-less orange and almond cake with creamy vanilla icing on top and within. You'll never miss what's missing.

You CAN have your Cake and Eat it, Too
Yummy yellow cake with decadent dark chocolate-orange frosting for those who prefer a low-in-sugar indulgence. With chocolate this rich, who needs extra sugar?

Menu Guide : Specialty Cakes

Queen Anne's Lace Cakes 

Specialty Cakes

Queen Anne’s Lace
An exclusive Queen Anne's Lace recipe and a beautiful study of white on white. Each layer is slathered in a creamy white buttercream, covered in white chocolate fondant and adorned with a lacy white Royal Icing design. Without divulging all the secret ingredients, I can only say that this is a moist and gently spiced carrot cake. (After all, Queen Anne's Lace is a descendant of the royal "Daucus Carota" family!)

Regal Rose
A noble nod to the Queen of Flowers, this elegant blush pink cake is filled with Bavarian cream and frosted with petal soft Swiss meringue buttercream, delicately flavored with rosewater.  It is especially beautiful when adorned with sugar roses.

Coconut Crown
A rich cake flavored with coconut milk, swaddled in a whipped white frosting and sprinkled in coconut. A cake dedicated to my dear mother-in-law who adores coconut.

Royal Red Velvet
A deep chocolaty-red cake flavored with creme fraiche and cocoa, this popular cake is filled and frosted with a light cream cheese, in true Southern style.

Bride and Groom
Also called "The Black and White Cake," this is a version of my beloved Grandma Nealy's recipe. Dark and moist, this "Devil's Food" cake is filled and covered in swoops of her heavenly white and shiny boiled frosting.  

Marry Me Marble
A beautiful marriage of chocolate and vanilla cake filled with chocolate Bavarian cream and covered in marbled white and chocolate fondant.  As handsome inside as outside, just like my sweet husband.

Wedding White Chocolate
A classic white milk cake filled with white chocolate ganache and frosted with a light and airy Swiss meringue buttercream. As pure and elegant as a bride, this is a traditional favorite.

Love Always Almond
An almond-flavored yellow cake with a cherry filling and white almond meringue frosting. Adorable when decorated with handmade marzipan hearts.

Citrus Celebration
Sprinkled with a sweet lemon syrup, this cheerful yellow cake is covered with an orange buttercream and filled with a perky lemon filling. It is the sweet and sour combination my own son is crazy about.

Cheers! Champagne
A pink champagne cake with red raspberry filling, topped with a subtle champagne buttercream. Adding chocolates flavored with raspberry liqueur, will very likely inspire an extra toast!

Sweetheart Strawberry Shortcake
Inspired by my sweet mom's delicious dessert, this white cake is sprinkled with strawberry syrup. It is layered with a strawberry filling and frosting. Strawberry jam imparts flavor and a subtle pink hue to the buttercream. Adorning it with chocolate covered strawberries could steal anyone's heart.