Monday, September 22, 2014

Mellow and Melancholy

"The windflower and the violet,
    They perished long ago,
 And briar Rose and the orchis died
    Amid the summer glow;
 But on the hill the goldenrod
    And the aster in the wood,
 And the yellow sunflower by the brook,
    In autumn beauty stood."

~ William Cullen Bryant

Autumn brings me the urge to bring order to my home again in preparation for the months ahead spent indoors. But my heart is still out in my gardens, where I long to tidy up and make sure they are tucked snugly in for their long winter nap. And I don't want to bid them sweet dreams yet. I want to stay up with them and savor every last moment of sunshine. A bittersweet time of year.

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